Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH) Conference Committee PHCF Student Representative Needed

Hi PHCFers,

Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH) will be hosting its 31st annual conference on the Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus in summer 2017. PHCF is a member of CCIH, and we like to have a student representative to serve on the annual conference planning committee. We are currently seeking a JHU graduate student to fill this role.

The CCIH conference is a great place to network with Christian leaders in public health including executives from Christian health systems, NGO staff from around the world, and internship and job recruiters who are there to answer any questions you have to let you know about short and long term opportunities in global health. More information on previous conferences can be found here:

CCIH is seeking a PHCF member to serve on the conference planning committee for the upcoming 2017 summer conference. The committee includes monthly conference calls and volunteering time to promote the conference and for a variety of tasks to make the conference a success. Candidates should send a resume and cover letter explaining your interest in the position to by October 30th, 2016.

Below is the report that last years recruiter for the medical campus wrote about their experience at the conference:

I've been studying for a master's degree in public health for two years. The CCIH conference significantly expanded on what I learned in the classroom, and connected me with real world examples of public health from a faith-based perspective, as well as chances to learn more about a variety of career paths and opportunities. I gained practical skills in the Grant Writing Pre-Conference, was inspired by successful leaders speaking at the Faith Journeys plenary, learned about project implementation in the Religious Communities as Educators, Providers and Promoters breakout session, received mentoring through the student Career and Faith Round Tables during meals, and made an impact by participating in the CCIH Global Health advocacy day on Capital Hill. Outside of the events I was able to meet some of my public health heroes, in addition to other professionals who share my international health interests. My biggest disappointment was that I couldn't be in more than one breakout session at a time, as there were so many presentations I wanted to attend. I definitely plan on continuing involvement in CCIH, and look forward to participating in working groups, conferences and activities in the future.


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