Tues Bible study 12:15pm W3031, applepicking, and other announcements

Dear PHCF,

It's hard to believe that it's the first day of fall (and midterm week) already! In a time of feeling hectic and overwhelmed with projects, papers, studying, things-to-do, and people-to-meet, will you hear God's promise to his people in Ezekiel 11, who were scattered among the nations? And I will give them one heart, and a new spirit I will put within them. I will remove the heart of stone from their flesh and given them a heart of flesh. He desires to bring his people back to himself, to transform us. Will you let Him? Praying that you lay your burdens at Jesus' feet tonight, that you simply "trust and obey" as the old hymn says, and that you love Him with your whole being as you go about what He has given you to do.

Tomorrow (Sept 24) at 12:15pm in Room W3031, please join us for fellowship. Ope will lead a Bible study on "Flourishing in Graduate School", looking at John 15:1-8. Bring your own lunch!

Other event announcements:
Leadership: if interested in leadership, please email jhsph.phcf@gmail.com - this group relies on Jesus first and foremost for guidance and direction, but also needs you as student leaders as His hands and feet here in our school. 

Scholarship opportunities: 
Job opportunities: 
Our friends at Worldrelief are looking to fill a couple positions:
1) Country Director for Worldrelief Burundi. Strong candidates will have current or prior experience with WR, passion for our mission, French skills, and the ability to work with a variety of mixed donor portfolios – especially inclusive of UN and other public funding.
2) Fall International Programs intern. Ideally the intern needs to be based in Baltimore (for ease of supervision and if their school internship requirements require it), but can consider a remote intern (or volunteer) if their school is ok with a remote arrangement. More than one intern position possible, and can tailor the position to your skillsets.

Biostatisticians:For those of you looking into a biostats career... a PHCF alumnus (Sherlly Xie) wanted to share that the American Statistical Association (ASA:statisticians::APHA:MPHers) has a interest group called International Christian Statisticians (ICS). ICS just began offering a mentorship program: sign up to be mentor or mentee; get paired up with a mentee/mentor. The coordinator of this mentorship program is Dr. Jason Wilson at Biola University.


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