"Lean In to Your Faith" Webinar series, starting Aug 17

A message from one of the members of the JHU Graduate Christian Fellowship:

One of my friends is putting together a webinar series about faith and work, from a religious women's perspective. I thought it might be of interest to some of you. If so, see below!

"Lean In to Your Faith" Series

I wanted to share information on an upcoming online webinar series that my organization is launching in August. The series, “Lean In to Your Faith: Meeting Professional Challenges with Spiritual Resources,” features the wisdom of professional women who have achieved a high level of leadership and have led from the foundation of their faith.

On August 17th at 1 PM EST, my mentor, Dr. Margaret Weber is kicking off the series with a presentation on “The Power of Prayer & Meditation: Utilizing Faith as a Tool for Work/Life Balance.” I would love for Advent-ers to join us for the session! I’m attaching the flyer with RSVP details. Hope you can join us and feel free to pass on to others in your network!


Kristen Lundquist

PDF flyer link here


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