Symposium on Christian Faith, Reason, and Vocation 2/18

Happy New Year! An exciting event is coming up...

PHCF, along with other Christian groups at Hopkins, will be hosting the Symposium on Christian Faith, Reason, and Vocation on Saturday February 18 at the Homewood campus. This is a great chance to fellowship with students, alumni, and faculty from across the Hopkins campuses and explore the day's theme!

The event will include a keynote talk, "Faith and Science: Conflict, Coexistence, or Cooperation", by JHU history of science professor Lawrence Principe, as well as a networking lunch (free lunch!) and breakout panels consisting of alumni and faculty exploring the symposium theme in different arenas such as public health, humanities, or science & technology.

You can RSVP for the event here:, and please pass this along to friends! All are welcome: students, staff, faculty, alumni, friends, or family!


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